Paris neighbourhood by night

We chose the Canal Saint Martin area as it seemed to be a nice location where we could continue our association with canals and also be a little bit off the tourist trail.  As we were to find on our first night here, it also provides access to a huge amount of lovely cafes and restaurants in the immediate area.

canalnightWith Paris turning on a warm evening for our arrival, lots of people sit along the edge of the canal itself enjoying a drink in the early evening as we investigate the bar on the chezprunenightcorner; Chez Prune, where we are able to grab a beer and a glass of wine before looking around for one of the local restaurants which was included in a list of suggestions by our AirBnB host for the week.  It turned out that one of the places, Le Verre Vole, was only about a hundred metres away along the edge of the canal, and we make our way there and are able to get a table for two to enjoy some great wholesome food in a small place dominated by their selection of wines lining the walls. restaurant

Leaving the restaurant, we visit the local supermarket to pick up a few essentials before heading home to rest and get ready for our next days of exploring Paris.

We’re keen to give the Velib system a try in the morning.


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