Take me home, country roads

By | June 26, 2011

During the keynote presentation at Copper Mountain in the Rockies last Tuesday, I sang an couple of verses and a chorus of Rocky Mountain High, to illustrate the fact that; as a teenager learning the song, there was no way that anyone could have predicted that I would, in the future, have the opportunity to actually be in the Rockies and to be talking about the way that we ‘plan schools’ as places which seek to scaffold and support young people as they grow.

Another John Denver song learnt while still in my teens was Country Roads.  It seemed an opportunity not to be missed: to have the chance to sing the song and combine it with images shot yesterday on the Flip video.  Here is the result on YouTube


4 thoughts on “Take me home, country roads

  1. Jane Griffith

    What a fantastic way to journal your travel experiences.. Wanted to add applause at the end of your song! Thx Roger for the music..keep it coming.. J

  2. Teeny Blatchford

    Wow, what a talent. You really are an inspiration.
    Have always loved that song, and to listen to you sing it, along with the footage was just great. Enjoy the rest of your travels.


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