Monthly Archives: June 2011

Post conference chillout

A hot afternoon ride through the cycle paths and streets of Philadelphia, then a morning cycle and return, prior to heading to 30th street station and a trip to New York aboard the Acela Express.

ISTE – Philadelphia

There will be more to come here about ISTE  (International Society for Technology in Education) at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre in Philadelphia.  This event is HUGE, with around 15000 attendees and a convention centre which covers almost 3 city blocks on three levels, with the trade expo alone taking up one level covering 2 blocks,… Read More »

Nearly there! : One the way to ISTE

We’ve pulled over into a trusty Maccas and, with the assistance of free wifi and the Docscanner app on the iPhone, alone with Evernote, here’s living proof of our fun on the turnpike.

Kickball and the Capitol

Ordinary people having fun beside extraordinary buildings and a sense of being close to one of the great power centres of the world. It is juxtapositions like this which make a cycling outing around Washington DC an amazing experience. We set off from our apartment in Arlington which is not far from the huge Fort… Read More »

Take me home, country roads

During the keynote presentation at Copper Mountain in the Rockies last Tuesday, I sang an couple of verses and a chorus of Rocky Mountain High, to illustrate the fact that; as a teenager learning the song, there was no way that anyone could have predicted that I would, in the future, have the opportunity to… Read More »

Winchester: “Far enough South to be legal”

“Yep, we were far enough South to be legal,” came the response when musing with a local in the mall at the outdoor movies on a sultry summer night in Winchester, Virginia, which changed hands well over sixty times during the civil war. Restaurants with outdoor seating and galleries along the mall provide a setting… Read More »

Pennsylvania and Amish lifestyles

Faith and custom in motion along the glorious roads of Lancaster County. These are just a couple of examples of the sights along the way from Philadelphia to Lancaster.  We saw a large number of Amish buggies along with the sight of an Amish man ploughing a small field with a draught horse and single… Read More »

LA Adventures

After a sleep to attempt to throw off the effects of a long flight, we ventured out on the shuttle to Manhattan Beach, and a taste of the LA beach environment. A visit to a local bar confirmed that there are good, and not so good, beers on offer. Still, the local market proved a… Read More »