Monthly Archives: June 2015

Peak to Peak

Friday in Boulder was raining and uninviting for bike riding or walking so we decided to take a drive off into the mountains and enjoy some of the other parts of Colorado. We headed West, along the Boulder Canyon, with Boulder Creek rushing down the canyon full and lively. The colours of the different trees… Read More »


We were keen to add Boulder to our Colorado trip, as we’d heard about its prevalence of startups and reputation for innovation and creative approaches to things.  In addition, it came up really high in the search for cycle friendly cities and interesting food and beer choices in the USA. Our trip South from Fort… Read More »

Leaving Fort Collins

Having had a great afternoon cycling around four different breweries in Fort Collins we had time for a rest and then broke our Uber virginity and grabbed a ride to the Mayor of Old Town, a great bar in Mason Street which has placed really highly in a number of national ‘best beer bar’ type of… Read More »

Three Score

Today was the day where I reached a major milestone. Sixty years ago I was born and then raised on a farm in North Western NSW.  Most of my primary schooling took place in a one teacher school with only 12 children. Today, I’ve been able to ride a bike around a number of craft… Read More »

Bikes, beers and, busking!!

Seemed like a good idea to add another B to the list: Bikes, Beers and…Busking! Old Town Square, Fort Collins, Colorado. 60 hardly seems like a place to become sensible.  

Out and about in Fort Collins

The morning was glorious today after apparently a long period of rain. We slept a bit late to make up for the zzzz’s lost somewhere above the Pacific and then readied our cruiser bikes for some cycling: firstly in search of coffee. The bikes are fixed hub cruisers and, unfortunately, very difficult to ride after… Read More »

Let the tour begin

Before heading to the US it seemed like a great idea to catch up with family and friends for some food, beer and conversation. The Rocks Brewing Company’s brewery and bar in Alexandria turned out to be a good choice; tucked in between a gym and other businesses on Bourke Road Alexandria.  And, from there,… Read More »