Monthly Archives: December 2015

Not a bad caper at all

Quote of the day from Lynette, while cycling home after dinner with Katie: “This retirement’s not a bad caper.” Not a bad caper at all. Leaving Port Macquarie and FOTSUN behind we pick up the dog and head home in time to catch our breath and then cycle in to the Parry Street Hub end;… Read More »

FOTSUN: Hot earlier today, but cool always.

Just showered and settled on the balcony to reflect on Day One of Festival of the Sun, FOTSUN, 2015. We’d put together an adhoc Spotify playlist for Day 1 acts this morning and Le Pie’s stuff sounded good.  Luckily we have some friends and family doing the Festival gig with us so were able to… Read More »


Nothing seems to say Summer quite like FOTSUN: Festival of the Sun, at Port Macquarie. We haz chairs and a place in the shade. Le Pie showing lots of capacity across the spectrum, and her backing band leaves space to hear what’s happening.

Splendid Saturday and Sunset Gathering

After an hour or so at Nobbys this morning we checked the coffee from The Empire Coffee Co with a couple of take-aways and found that the beans from Dropbear Coffee Roasters certainly led to a nice cup of coffee. Time for a few hours going ‘old school’ and reading the actual paper papers spread out… Read More »

It begins today…

So, as of this afternoon, 4th December 2015, we are both beginning the Eternal Weekend: adventures in retirement. We’re hoping that this blog can maintain a record of the things we find to do along the way.