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The Peace Palace journey: Are we there yet?

Today we cycled to the station with the plan of visiting Den Haag; or as we’ve heard it for years: The Hague. A quick visit to the big yellow machine to top up the credit on the chip card and onto the train; an Intercity from Enkhuizen, taking us to Amsterdam Sloterdijk where we’ll change to… Read More »

TAPT Beer Festival

So, in a wonderful serendipity, the TAPT Beer Festival happened to be taking place in beautiful Rembrandt Park, south west of the main city. We set off by bike from our Hoorn home and leave our bikes at the station.  Half an hour later and we’re at Amsterdam Centraal.  Using both Rome2Rio and CityMapper  we’ve… Read More »


Wow! what a lovely city. Checking out Haarlem was one of those ‘what do we want to do tomorrow?’ conversations and turned out to be a great discovery.  This is one of the huge benefits we’re finding of being in the same place for an extended period. We can move at our own pace and… Read More »

Stepping into a picture from the past

In the last week, as we’ve pedalled or walked along the harbour, we’ve seen comings and goings of a number of different boats and ships.  Canal and river cruisers, here from Cologne via inland waterways, tall ships with square and schooner rigs, traditional boats with heavy rigs and ‘ears’ that look like they can be… Read More »

Friday 13th

The end of the week rolls around with the added double shot of being Friday 13th and also a full moon. We decide that access to decent coffee is a good start, so we call in to one of the cafes that we’ve found that serves good coffee.   The Het Koffie Lokaal serves a nice… Read More »

Hoorn Home

We’ve been lucky when finding a home exchange to end up in a lovely spot in a very beautiful and historic town just North of Amsterdam. Hoorn is just 31 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal station and the train runs every half hour; an intercity which commences its trip at Enkhuizen to the North… Read More »

Another Amsterdam

We got to talking with another couple who told us about the side of Amsterdam which is rarely seen by the hordes of tourists who roam the red light district and the inner canals all the time; through the bustle of cafes and coffee shops and attractions. So, in what is apparently typical Autumn weather… Read More »


We’ve been making lists of places to travel to and experience.  The other day, it was time to head to Utrecht, to the South East of Amsterdam.  Luckily, every half hour there is a train from Hoorn which travels through Amsterdam and Utrecht on its way further afield. So a pleasant one hour trip in… Read More »

Settling In – Seeing possibilities

We’ve now had a few days to experience different ways of doing things and thinking about things.  Hoorn itself is a gorgeous small city. Back in the 1600s, when Holland was expanding its colonial interests with Indonesia being one of the main objectives, Hoorn played a vital role for the Dutch East India Company; or… Read More »

Welcome to Hoorn

Lynette arrived at Schiphol Airport this morning and our exchange partners set off to our place in Australia.  Despite the last few days being fine and dry, the rain decided to descend today; not bucketing or even doing anything more than lurking about, damp and dispirited. But, who cares?  We’re in a lovely town for… Read More »