By | May 10, 2016

We woke in Lisbon to a cold and rainy day: and it’s time to try to catch up on some washing!

DSCN6326Finding a supermarket to buy a few essentials proves a bit more challenging than might have been imagined as the nearby streets are narrow, albeit full of character. Finally, after many queries to friendly locals a supermarket is found and bits and pieces purchased. It seems that fresh milk is unavailable here after using my iTranslate app to ask a number of older women in the aisles, it seems that ‘leite fresco’ isn’t on offer here.

Lisbon still uses a system of trams to access some areas, with trams which would be in a museum elsewhere.  After a great lunch at an organic restaurant, Pachamama, we grab a couple of 24 hour passes which we can use on all forms of public transport and seek refuge from the cold and rain on Lisbon’s famous 28 tram.

Here are some images from the tram as it winds, with absolute right of way, through the streets of Lisbon.  You’ll see, along the way, a taxi having to insert itself in a narrow laneway to make way for the tram.  This is a fascinating and historic city.

We find Topo, a rooftop bar, not far from the Castle of St George and enjoy the view before using the metro to get near the water front and the magnificent square overlooking the harbour.

Lovely Lisbon Riding the 28 tram and metro from Roger Pryor on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Lisbon

  1. Glenn

    It is true! The Irish are quietly and systematically taking over the world! And rightly so! I spotted the Jameson tram, and I’m sure their is a Guinness pub somewhere!!

    1. admin Post author

      Yes Glenn, there’s an ‘Irish Pub’ at the end of our street, just as there is in Bangkok and Chang Mai and just about everywhere else 🙂


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