Leaving Fort Collins

By | June 12, 2015

BikeAndBeerTourFortCollinsHaving had a great afternoon cycling around four different breweries in Fort Collins we had time for a rest and then broke our Uber virginity and grabbed a ride to the Mayor of Old Town, a great bar in Mason Street which has placed really highly in a¬†number of national ‘best beer bar’ type of awards.



The Mayor of Old Town boasts 100 beers on tap and, there’s a sizeable number of those that are¬†brewed locally and in other parts of Colorado. It’s a relaxed and pleasant place for a meal and nice beer.

As we sit and enjoy the ambience we’re assailed by the piercing sound of a diesel locomotive as a heavy goods train runs on tracks straight down the middle of Mason Street, trundling heavily along past the bar!

TrainLineThroughTownFortCollinsAnd, by contrast with the regulation and risk management approach we face closer to home, this rail line has nothing to separate it from the street and the people and things on it: no fences or flashing lights. To give plenty of warning, however, the train sounds its airhorns very long and loud at seemingly any time of both night and day.


We pack up to leave our lodgings and enjoy once again the view up the street which seems like yet another set from a movie.

Heading back into Old Town, we find a coffee shop that we’d like to try before heading toward Boulder and enjoy the buzz of Bean Cycle Roasters and then hit the road; South down College Avenue toward Boulder.


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