A day of U3A and Uber

By | April 14, 2016

The best laid plans of blog updates and descriptions can get overtaken by the reality and instantaneous-ness (?) of the opportunities offered by SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook to keep our friends up to date with what’s happening. The Eternal Weekend has been proceeding apace and we’ve had the chance to share some excellent adventures.

Today was a bit special.

u3a-logo1Firstly: this morning we attended the AGM for the Newcastle University of the Third Age organisation and, following an invitation, I became a part of the Committee for this great organisation which really actualises the goal of providing opportunities for lifelong learning. U3A
relies on people with a skill, learning, disposition or capacity to invite curiosity, to present courses and learning activities for a cohort, in Newcastle’s case, of around 500 members: generally for a decade or two beyond retirement age. So, this was the first U: U3A

The other U is Uber; which launched in Newcastle at noon today, 14 April 2016.

Uber_Logobit_Digital_blackI received an SMS at 8am to let me know that, after spending time getting all vehicle inspections done, police checks, identify verification and insurance and registration etc, today was the day where I could go online with the Uber app and offer rides.

After just a few hours and a number of rides, it’s obvious that there are plenty of people out there who love the idea of Uber.  It’s certainly a great way to provide a service and take part in a good example of the types of disruptive ideas which will challenge and also create a sense of achievement for the solution seekers.

Oh, and the fun of being an Uber Partner driver is that the Eternal Weekend doesn’t require interruption apart from those times where that will work.  That is; I only need to go online when I want to drive.

Seems like it needs a Kraftwerk song along the lines of “I’m the operator of my pocket calculator.”

‘I’m a glad arriver with my friendly Uber driver’


Look forward to telling you stuff about our adventures in Europe coming up.  Please feel free to click where it says ‘Leave a Comment’ above and add your bit!


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