Welcome to Hoorn

By | September 4, 2019

Lynette arrived at Schiphol Airport this morning and our exchange partners set off to our place in Australia.  Despite the last few days being fine and dry, the rain decided to descend today; not bucketing or even doing anything more than lurking about, damp and dispirited.

But, who cares?  We’re in a lovely town for the next six weeks and spent a little while exploring some of the very eye catching streetscapes where the faces of some buildings lean inward over the street as if to face off with the elements. A visit to a cafe with good coffee, some bread from the bakery and provisions from the supermarket; including beer and wine, and a wander home.

Our hosts have made us feel very welcome with a local Edam cheese; all gold and cream on the inside..as well as a large jug full of smiling sunflowers.  We assemble our picnic indoors instead and watch the rain in the yard. Bread, cheese, and meat washed down with French Rose and a Belgian Blonde beer.

We can manage the rain.


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