FOTSUN: Hot earlier today, but cool always.

By | December 11, 2015

Just showered and settled on the balcony to reflect on Day One of Festival of the Sun, FOTSUN, 2015.

We’d put together an adhoc Spotify playlist for Day 1 acts this morning and Le Pie’s stuff sounded good.  Luckily we have some friends and family doing the Festival gig with us so were able to avoid the heat walk to get wristbands etc before heading along to the stage area. When listening to the playlist we knew that it would be well worth getting along to catch Le Pie.  She was excellent, and someone we’ll keep a watch out for. (See previous post)

DSCN5759A place in the shade gives us a collective base to work from, and to meet people in!

Following their great set, Bootleg Rascal happened to be passing and got into both a picture and a yarn with us about the touring they’ve been doing and other Aussie bands like the DMAs who we’d caught up with in Portland Oregon in June this year as part of the Tour de Brew.

DSCN5762Despite the heat, the mood stayed chilled. Lots of young people having fun: groups in fancy dress, sunscreen offered on arrival and shade tents around the site. This is a festival which doesn’t seek to get bigger but creates a relaxed vibe.

It’s still chilling then; as the punters come and go, to see them corralled in single file past dogs, sniffing at each one and showing much more interest in some before sitting beside them.

Later, Thundamentals connected with something most of us wish for:  “Take your fist and make a peace sign with it.”

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