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Request List ~ Acoustic Covers


Starting from March 28th 2010 - Sunday afternoon requests at Carrington Place, Carrington, Newcastle.

From 1.30pm - Last Sunday of the month - starts March 28




Something to listen to while you browse:

I was invited to record something with a group of Year 12 students who were learning about sound recording.  It seemed like a good idea to take in a song which they wouldn't have pre-conceived ideas about: one of my own.  I put down the acoustic guitar track and then the vocal.  Then, walked away and left them to it.  The end result is here for you to listen to while you browse about.

 Click to listen :      Fly Away

- Recorded 7 May 2007 at the Peter McNair Studio: Newcastle High School

Music, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals - Roger Pryor, with backing vocals, guitar, bass, drums and Hammond organ provided by a talented team of Year 12 students and the assistance of some remarkably dedicated adults.  Thanks to all.



Valentine's Day Gig 2010

An afternoon of acoustic favourites: Songs from Now and Then

Large request list to choose from

Carrington Place - Sunday 14th Feb 2010

2pm to 5pm



Criterion Acoustic

And, some memories from 2001.  Criterion Acoustic ran from June 2001 to December 2001

The idea was born out of a desire to move away from the weekend round of playing to computer generated midi files, back to the more organic possibilities which exist when  pub music is stripped back to an extension of the concept of 'friends singing and jamming together in the loungeroom"

Thanks to the publican of the Criterion Hotel in Carrington, who bought the project plan put to him, and to the musos who responded to the posters in music stores throughout Newcastle.  Thanks too, and mostly, to the regulars at the 'Cri' who took the concept to heart and made it a mid week night to enjoy, and to invite others along to.

The pictures below show some of the wide variety of performers who availed themselves of the chance to promote the acoustic style.




And, from a solo and duo commitment of over 100 gigs per year