This blog is authored and maintained by Roger Pryor and contains personal thoughts and opinion.

The idea began a number of years ago, (see history below), but the blog now contains occasional thoughts about things which its hoped, matter, in leading Public schools.

The Leaders In Public Schools site and email list is for anybody with an interest in leadership in public schools.

Feel free to have a look around, and don’t forget to register your email address to ensure that you receive notifications when the site is updated.

The LIPS email listserv was born during a conference for newly appointed school executive staff in Illawarra South East Region in 2004.  It was hoped to emulate some of the excellent professional and solution seeking dialogue which had been taking place on a couple of Principals’ listservs.

Over time, others were provided with information about the list, and reference was made to it in some presentations in various regions.

In mid 2006, a blog was added as the ‘front window’ for what has become more of a distribution list.  The blog is used  for a range of bits and pieces which have been seen as potentially interesting to people engaged in looking at the context in which public schools operate.  There will be many of our colleagues who are interested in looking at issues from a range of perspectives: developing a three dimensional view which is focused on creating optimum outcomes for young people. We must do this in a number of ways; through celebrating the vitality, creativity and networked world of our young while being more accepting of those of our roles as teachers and leaders which are about ‘the necessary honesty of a good coach’  in the way we work at identifying needs, developing programs, effectively applying resources and being able to clearly describe the value which we have added through the bits we have tinkered with along the way.  We will do this by maintaining an unrelenting commitment to identifying capacity, developing capability and demonstrating competency: at all levels within our work.

The blog is also a place where you can add a comment to any post.  This way, there could be a whole threaded conversation on any topic.  If there are people who would like to post information on a semi-regular basis, email me and I can set up an access for you so that you can publish via a web page in your browser.  I’m sure that there are lots of you out there who have great things which you come across all of the time.

Please feel free to pass on the site details to others if you think that it would be useful.


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