The moon and the stars

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Moon rising over the bay as the wind rips in from the nor-east: humming strong in the fronds of the pines along the beach where:

Down on the beach, as the last of the sun’s goldenness bathes the tops of the pines, two men exchange wisdom and words of great import: gesturing beside their fishing rods which stand as sentinels against the discovery of their real purpose.

Here we sit on the eve of a new year ahead.  There are some strong themes emerging:

  • Massively increasing amounts of parents who will begin to expect that schools provide communication, participation, and ecommerce possibilities.
  • Hugely increased awareness of the interoperability which exists once the cloud is fully utilised.  Along with this comes increased awareness of the value of tagging and the possibilities of the ‘semantic web.’
  • A continued imperative for change
  • A ‘push-back’ against some of the more ‘economic rationalist’ approaches to education and the re-emergence of the call for ‘play’ and ‘creativity: Let’s hope there are authentic practitioners around to help others make sense of this goal.
  • And there are many more: and they will change and evolve: rapidly.

For me, there are some key tools to embrace, or, continue to embrace.

Let’s never forget that our tactile ability to transcribe ideas to graphics and words,  and to script vision to action, and potentially: reality, is what drives us at that visceral level which, in the end, commits us to real outcomes.

Looking forward to a great year.

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  1. Mul Says:

    I love your LIPS!

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