Don’t You Think It’s Time?

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Just getting the hang of creating more mash-ups.  Here is a mash up used last week as a visual backing for an acoustic version of a great contemporary Australian song and as a way of providing a summary of a number of images used during a presentation to a school staff.

The song this time was recorded live in the lounge room !

Hope you like it !

And, an update later, and an idea:

Try this:

1. Load all of the images from your mobile via bluetooth.
2. Import them all into Windows Photo Gallery or iPhoto
3. Use the create slideshow option in either app
4. Select an audio track to back the slideshow. In this case I’ve selected a live recording I made at home of an old Donovan song, which was recorded on laptop in Audacity and exported as mp3.
5. Render the movie and upload to YouTube
6. Use the embed code to paste into a blog or wiki or Moodle!!!!

Remember to remove any pics that you don’t want to share !

Here’s an example made with images from my phone. The shot shown shows my wife happy to have bumped into Matthew Newton at the Dungog Film Festival!

Managing for abundance

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I received a link via Twitter and Scott McLeod to a fantastic article: It’s Time to Manage for Abundance, Not Scarcity

The abundance is in capacity, and when we consider that the 2gb RAM which is becoming an entry standard these days is around 20000 times more processing power than the 64kb which we had available on the old trusty Apple IIe back in the 80s!!

The writer makes some interesting comparisons about how we deal with each situation.


Tech Is Too Cheap to Meter: It’s Time to Manage for Abundance, Not Scarcity. By Chris Anderson 06.22.09

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